Timing is Everything – Don’t miss the opportunity to impress a prospect

Have you ever registered for a webinar and not attended? Me too.

The topic sounded really interesting, it was pertinent to what I was working on at the time, so I registered. But then, on the day and time it came around, I was busy. I made note of the recording and thought I’d go back sometime and listen, but then, that never really happened either. If I would have been able to listen to the message or training as soon as I saw the promo, I would have watched it right then. If it was directly pertinent to achieving the task or goal I was working on at the time, I would even have paid for it. And just think, the presenter wouldn’t even have had to be there.

This approach takes planning and the ability to anticipate the real needs of your target market. It requires the presenter package specific, meaningful messages in a compelling and even interactive way – a way that makes your brand look good. It requires an infrastructure that enables lead capture at a minimum, and possibly payment processing, while making it easy for the consumer. But, if done correctly, think of the payback. You’ve established yourself as an expert that delivers value. You’ve established a client vendor relationship. You have a reason to contact them – talk about a hot lead. Oh, and they paid you for it.

We’ve all experienced really bad “ecourses”, and even worse recorded webinars, but I believe that strategically crafting and incorporating on-demand learning as part of your sales and brand-building activities merits serious consideration.

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