If visiting this web site is your introduction to Persuations Instructional Media, let us quickly give you the basics.

Our expertise is engaging customers, partners and staff with effective on-demand media.  This might be video, a mobile app, an interactive course or a blended learning solution, depending on the need and use case.

We are sales and marketing professionals trained in instructional design. We have a bias toward deliverables that help users DO something, or do it differently, so we employ accomplishment based learning objectives.   We don’t believe in FYI (For Your Information) – we believe in FYU (For Your USE, you know, in your job, with your customer, to achieve a goal, etc.)

We are experienced project managers with hi-tech roots that constantly search out the best platforms for delivering outstanding products on time and in budget.

Our President spent 25 years in Fortune 500, and has been a small business owner for 5 years. She understands the challenge of educating customers and staff, and is relentless in her quest for effective, affordable, easy to use persuasive solutions. We at Persuations still believes it is possible to get people on the same page, without having to be there.

You can reach us by phone at 925.344.5969 or email using kb@persuations.com.  Our business is located in Northern California, but we service customers throughout North America. Our regular customers particularly value our creative problem solving and our ability to make the process seem easy.

If you have some convincing to do, please contact us soon so we can get started on YOUR Persuations.